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Customer Testimonials

My wife and I had heard horror stories about home repair and expansion endeavors from our friends, so we searched long and hard for the right partner when we set out to expand and update our home seven years ago.  After more than a year (yes, more than a year), we finally made a decision.  We selected Dario Palladino & Son Construction. The quality of the work was so great that every time we add to or update a part of our home, it now only takes us one minute to find our partner.  That's because we only call the Palladinos.  After our first project, a number of our neighbors asked who worked on our home.  We put them in touch with the Palladinos and now everyone in my neighborhood only uses the Palladino family - seriously.  There are two things that stand out with the Palladino family; quality and service.  We have an older home (1940s) and those of you who own older homes know that the walls are never perfectly flat or straight.  After gutting and refurbishing our kitchen, Mr. Palladino was inspecting one of the existing walls that we kept intact in advance of painting the room.  He leaned forward and examined the wall closely, he leaned to the side and peered at the wall with one eye, then he rubbed his hand over the surface and said "not good enough, the wall isn't even".  Now, it is important to note, we didn't ask Dario Palladino & Son to fix this wall as part of the work they were doing.  We only asked them to paint this wall.  However, like an old fashioned craftsman, Mr. Palladino didn't want to put the finishing touches on a room that wasn't "perfect".  Not only did the wall get fixed, Mr. Palladino personally worked on it.  He worked on the wall for three days.  He ended each day by spackling the entire wall.  Then, when he arrived the next day, he would sand it as smoothly as possible, examine it closely, and say, "not good enough".  Finally,on the third day, he inspected the wall again and said, "now we can paint it!".  That wall, and everything else the Palladino's have worked on in our home over the past 7 years, is perfect.  Service can be defined in many ways and any way you define "service", the Palladino's excel at it; timeliness of their team, communication style, how clean they keep your home while they work there...  However, there is one other aspect of service that is so critical to me that I place it above everything else; security of my family.  As a father with young children, I have to be comfortable with the people I bring into my home and expose my family to.  I feel very comfortable bringing the father and son Palladino team into my home.  I also feel comfortable with who they hire and how closely they watch their team.  If you are looking for a partner for a home repair or expansion opportunity, you need to make a decision that works for you and your family.  However, I strongly encourage you to consider the Palladino's.  They excel at quality and should give you comfort that your family is in good hands. 

~Brendan & Veronica Albee

Dario Palladino & Son Construction, LLC have done every home improvement project on our home for several years.  We are ALWAYS happy with their professionalism, their honesty, the exceptional quality of their workmanship and their attention to detail.  We trust our home to them because their rates are reasonable, they work diligently and they can solve any home issue.  Palladino & Son work hard to earn and keep their customers..... we wouldn't ask anyone else to work on our home.

~Claire & David Stack

We recently used Dario for a complete bathroom remodel, and an update to another, and we were thrilled with the workmanship and attention to detail that he and his associates put forth.  It is clear that Dario's number one priority is making sure that his customers are 100% satisfied with the work they have commissioned.  We would use D.Palladino & Son again for large or small jobs - they are honest, trustworthy and highly skilled.

~Richard Baron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
We are extremely pleased with the work the Palladino's did at our home.  They helped us plan out our deck and sliding doors, working around some existing obstacles.  The whole construction process was smooth from start to finish.  Dario kept us well-informed thoughout the construction, with as little disruption in our home as possible.  Great quality work and timely completion! We will definitly use D. Palladino & Son Construction again in the future.                                                                                                                   
~Robyn & Dave DeFonce                                                                                                                                                                                                
My wife and I have known Dario and his construction company for over 7 years.  During that time he has provided excellent and timely services regarding exterior renovation projects on our primary residence in North Stamford, CT.  The quality of his firm's workmanship is above average and they always come in at budget and ahead of schedule.  They are conscientious, competitive, very tidy and responsive.                                                                                                                                                                                          
~Dan Mena                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
I am writing  this note to thank you and everyone at DPS Construction and to tell you how happy my wife and I are in our beautiful home that you expertly built for us in New Canaan, CT.  I am particularly impressed with your (Dario Jr.) personal involvement in the day to day building of the house and the superb craftmanship that you, your men, and subcontractors demonstrated.  We watched your team as they demolished our old home and transformed an empty lot into beautiful structure inside and out.  I found you easy to talk to and patient, taking the time to explain the materials to be used and the costs of such materials.  As the undertaking progressed, you clearly communicated the costs and handling of our change requests.  The house was finished ahead of schedule and within our budget.  Your office was easy to reach and their responsiveness was comforting.  Thank you again and I want you to know that I will not hesitate to recommend you.                                                                                                                         
~Edmund P.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Dario I wanted to let you know how amazed and happy we are with the 3,000 s.f. addition to our home in Greenwich that your company built.  Your attention to every detail in every phase of the construction was incredible.  Your company and subcontractors surpassed all our expectations by far.  You came in way ahead of schedule, within budget, and are a man of your word.  It was a pleasure dealing with you and we look forward to our next project with you.                                                                                                                               
~Dan & Eva